Saturday, July 23, 2005

Edinburgh 1: I'm in Berlin

The Beale are an odd bunch of characters with a song "Top Ten" (available for download from their site) containing the refrain "I'm in Berlin, I'm in Berlin". When I went to that city for the first time in my life, some months ago, I took along that track and played it for myself and my friend Chris. It seemed to convey the vivid pogo-jumping joy that I felt upon being in a vibrant city of diverse cultures, incredible architecture, and vivid artistic expression.

Well, now I'm in Edinburgh, and I feel just the same way.

For my soundtrack this time I brought the Skids album Days in Europa, and listened to it on the flight from Shannon to Glasgow. So now I'm going to do one of those typical traveller blog things, and upload images, write descriptions, and give some advice and recommendations along the way.

But I'm not so stupid as to do much of that until I get back home. I'd rather be down the pub, or walking around the city, or enjoying some Spanish or Thai or Indian or Scottish food. So that's why you won't see too much in the way of posts from me here for another few days.

I'm sure you understand. Or you would if you knew this city. It rocks!

P.S. The photo above is of the new Scottish Parliament Building, which is stunningly beautiful and elegantly designed.



robin said...

Whoops, I said "vivid" twice in one paragraph.

Anonymous said...

The Beale - fansite at

loads of mp3s to download :)

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