Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Prisoner Episode Order

One of the great debates among aficionados of the supremely wonderful television series The Prisoner concerns the ordering of the programmes. The original UK broadcast sequencing differs from the US sequence and both these are different again from that used in production. So what is the correct order? Two years ago I wrote about the show in an article that promised I would soon address this issue. Thanks to a big poke in the arm from my friend Ed I am finally getting around to it.
Monday, February 16, 2009

Your First DSLR: The Pentax K-m

photographyThis winter Pentax added a third camera to their line-up of digital SLRs. Rather confusingly it's called the K2000 in North America and the K-m everywhere else. This model joins the mid-range K200D and the top-of-the-line K20D. I find naming systems like this, where you have to count the number of zeroes, to be idiotic, but apparently camera manufacturers enjoy making us work to read their product names. Whatever happened to the rest of the alphabet?

Anyway. I will call this camera the K-m and make a few comments from my perspective, as owner of a K20D and the K100D Super. First I will summarise its advantages, then look at where compromises were made, and finally I'll refer to the Digital Photography Review analysis of the Pentax K-m, since this popular site influences a lot of readers. As a counterpoint I'll give you six other reviews to digest.