Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Funny Things Number Six

OK, this is the last (for now) of my hilarious website lists. I'm all caught up on links I've been collecting for more than five years. I'm also all out of Woody Allen quotes. But be sure there will be further strangeness in the weeks to come.

The "bone-eating snot-flower" likely won't become an item of international cuisine. Then again, they renamed "sea slug" to "sea cucumber" in order to sucker in the punters. Go!

The Belgium Job. Go!

The controversy surrounding dihydrogen monoxide. Geek humour. Go!

"The text you are about to read may be too strong for your brain." On the other hand, you may be sane, and well able to distinguish films from reality. It's a bummer really. But at least everyone has access to the web. Yippee! Go!

Royal College of Surgeons says "Operations should be carried out so that does not happen." "This" being having your stomach fall out. For once I agree with the medico-boffins. Go!

"Snakes understand a lot; it's just hard for a tube to express itself." This site will destroy your stomach muscles. And your brain. And other organs. Come to think of it, you had really rather skip to the next link. Go!

The man was carrying an inflatable sheep when he met his victim. Go!

I misread this as "brain death", which is admittedly funnier. Go!

(Also, click on the third "see also" link to find out just how popular this particular pet is. See, that's him again!)

By the director of "Rumpus at Wu Tai Shan" Go!

You won't get this one unless you search the page for "i live less". Go!
Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Update For The New Year

As you can see I've had a gap of 17 days with no articles. Before that was a flurry of posts and then another gap of 16 days. These are my longest intervals to date, and I'm not sure if that's got something to do with the holidays or the fact I've been under the weather. Anyway, I thought I'd say "hello" from this side of the New Year and fill you in on a little info.

First, category lists are fully up-to-date. That's normal, actually, as I never let them get more than a few articles old. Besides, since the latest articles are on the first page of the site I hardly think that's a problem.

I'm almost caught up on the hundreds of "funny" links I've compiled over the last couple of years. I think there'll be one more group listing and then a few articles focussing on particularly crazy individual sites.

There's little more to say about the MicroTrack, which has evolved in a relatively short time into a very usable recorder. I'm confident enough in the unit that I can now say I'd buy one if I had the money. Thanks to everyone who has visited The Theatre of Noise looking specifically for info on this recorder. I hope you'll keep coming back for the other stuff on offer! As a bonus here's recent reviews from Sonic Studios and Transom .

I've been thinking more about children's film recently, and watched a few examples over Christmas. Though I was a fan of fantasy growing up, even when young I found Narnia repellent. Given the huge promotional push for the film and books that is on right now, I thought it relevant to include a link to an article explaining why Narnia represents everything that is most hateful about religion.

My Oblique Strategy code has received a fair amount of traffic. Titus Brown created a dynamic implementation. As did Fawcett.

Quite a few people also like my simple method for creating categories. Like this, this, this, this, this, and this. (And yeah, I know it's silly to have a list of "this" links with no descriptions, but it's just not important enough to me right now to fix. So there!)

For those interested in statistics, I am getting between 250 and 800 visitors per week, with a mean of around 500, which is pretty good considering I'm doing little to promote this site.