Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Exquisite Corpse [Five Senses] Exhibit in London

The Exquisite Corpse 2 I am proud to announce I am part of a group show running 13-30 April 2011 at SoundFjord Sonic Art Gallery in London, England. Exquisite Corpse [Five Senses] is the classic Surrealist game interpreted for sound. Always having been a big fan of the Surrealists I jumped at the chance to participate. Fifty international artists were divided into groupings according to the five senses. After a couple of months I received a recording and was asked to interpret it by way of a composition of my own, using "sight" as the dominant sense. Quite a challenge! I then passed my piece on to the next person in the chain and so it progressed.

I wish to thank Susannah Kelly for providing the voice for my piece "What Do I See?"
Friday, March 25, 2011

Final Daghdha Event

column in shadowMany of my readers will know by now that the Arts Council has cut the funding of Daghdha Dance Company by 100%. As a final goodbye event, the current resident artists and many others who have worked with Daghdha over the years are collaborating on one final blow-out. The Ponderous Counter-Spectacle Of Things Ceasing To Be starts at noon and goes to midnight, 26 March 2011. Everyone is welcome, it is entirely free and you can bring your own refreshments. Activities for the whole family. No excuses!

Throughout the evening I will be DJing a set of music that has flowed through the Daghdha Space in the last five years or so. Plus a special live performance!
Saturday, March 19, 2011

Myths of the New Forest

I am working on a project for a dance installation, which may or may not come to pass, here in Ireland, in Estonia or somewhere else. It's early days yet. I am also developing my thoughts on sonic ecology, in a series of papers and hopefully a doctoral thesis -- time will tell there as well. As usual I find photography a useful way to interrogate some of these ideas. These images have not been staged in any overt way, being artificial "only" in the usual sense of being selected, framed, perspectively oriented, post-processed, and so on. Nothing, then, that the objects in question haven't already been subject to on their journey to and through being.

Myths of the New Forest: Detritus #28825
Saturday, March 12, 2011

Fukushima Nuclear Power Station information (following earthquake)

All our wishes go out to friends and strangers alike in Japan, in light of the terrible events of the last two days. I am preparing this article to provide information on the status of the nuclear power facilities in the Sendai region. I am doing so to counter inflammatory and irresponsible misinformation I have encountered in various forums and social networks of which I am a part (e.g. statements that a "nuclear explosion" has occurred).

For the record I am resolutely anti-nuclear for three main reasons: a) it incontrovertibly leads to the proliferation of materials for nuclear weapons, b) it produces extremely hazardous waste that we will never be able to clean up, c) is not economically viable if one considers the true costs of the reactors, infrastructure, storage, clean-up and other costs. But in this article I am not here to preach but rather accumulate basic facts. I mention this only in case some more rabid elements assume I am pro-nuke.