Monday, July 11, 2005

Spamming The Blogosphere Or Poetry?

Exactly what the heck is up with sites that say stuff like:
Your extensive searching for equity home loan mortgage vs is finally over. After spending numerous weeks dedicated to researching the subject and buying products, we've set this site up to show you our results and to keep you informed of the very latest developments in equity home loan mortgage vs. Sometimes it's not painfully time consuming to find just what you're looking for. So we're glad you found us, and I'm sure that you'll find this site and those we link to very useful and informative.
They appear to be selling something, but have nowhere where you can buy anything. They appear to be spamming the blogosphere but just for the sake of spamming. Or maybe the authors really like the look of the same phrase over and over? Hell, I know I do, but at least I try a little harder to turn it into a poem.

Here's the example I used above, and another one.


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robin said...

OK, here's a particularly good one.

"Internet shopping enables us to access many cigarette tar nicotine level stores and view their offerings from the comfort of our own home. One of the biggest misconceptions about shopping on the Internet for cigarette tar nicotine level is that it is unsafe and insecure, this is far from the truth. Even if your credit card number is stolen and used to make unauthorized purchases you are not responsible and most credit card companies insure cigarette tar nicotine level purchases with fraud protection insurance, at no additional cost to you."

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