Friday, July 08, 2005

Why Am I Here?

I am here on this blog because I never get around to updating my own website. In fact, it is two years stale. I am not even going to give you a link because I am that embarrassed.

Blogs are good; blogs are fun. Wikis too. They embody the connectedness of information that I have been intrigued with for longer even than the web has been in existence. (With two friends in 1993 I wrote The Electronic Labyrinth, a study which has been used as a text in universities and other teaching centres around the world.)

What is different now is that current tools make it easy for anyone to publish, and new economic models make it cheap, or indeed free.

Free and easy within an egalitarian structure: that seems to fit with my philosophy. If you think the same way, and you want to read something more than the usual whining and whinging, then I imagine you will like it here at the Theatre of Noise.



Anonymous said...

Sorry,But after 25 years who cares.
God bless the days of the BBS's.
The great days of the blogless minds. Now, so much crap.
And spell Ireland right.......

robin said...

After 25 years of what? Is this an obscure reference to a Hawklords album? My mind is blogless, and yours? And spell BBS right.

Good grief, talk about your self-fulfilling posts. Never mind why am I here, why are you here, exactly?

Anonymous said...

If it were black and white it would be much easier to read. Having to squint at gray on blck is a hindrance to reading your words. Black type, white background, is normal from hundredds of years of human printin, why be difficult?



robin said...

Lou, it is important to be difficult. Friction provides traction for our minds.

Let no-one say I am easy!

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