Friday, July 29, 2005

Control Tower Sound

control tower sound


escalation 746 presents "Control Tower Sound"

sound art, music, performance

Impact Theatre
18 The Crescent (lower)
O'Connell Street
Limerick, Ireland

2005.08.05: Live performance from 20:00-23:00.
2005.08.06: Interactive sound landscape from 13:00-20:00. If you can, bring a radio!
2005.08.07: Chill-out soundscape from 13:00-20:00.

For "Control Tower Sound" escalation 746 invites you to an unprecedented three days of sonic activities. By turns challenging, relaxing, and engaging, these audio pieces will ask you to think of sound, space, time, and music in new and vital ways. The first two days in particular are designed as experiments, in which various elements will be brought together in the spirit of play, just to see what might happen.

Friday August 5th, from 8-11pm, there will be a live electro-acoustic improvisation. A sophisticated software-based instrument system will be used to process live spoken word, found texts, sound effect elements, and original music. Actual aircraft control tower communications (from Ireland and Canada) will be an integral part of the soundscape. This is a rare live appearance of escalation 746, the first ever in Ireland! And the nature of the piece means that it will never be presented the same way again.

Saturday August 6th, from 1-8pm, you are invited to bring your own FM radio in order to participate in a radio transmission that *you* help create. This piece is designed to explore the materiality of radio, to reverse the traditional roles of that medium, and put the listener in control. Drop in and out through the afternoon to see how the sound environment changes.

Sunday August 7th, from 1-8pm, is given over to a multi-channel ambient landscape, first premiered in June at the Framemaker's Symposium to international acclaim. Chill out and relax to "wave, particle, falling leaves", in which a small sample of a singer is allowed to evolve from one place/space to another, triggering different words and associations. "I could stay in this room, hearing these sounds, forever" said a previous listener.

All three days are completely free, though a donation will be accepted towards costs. Those who donate five euros or more will receive this amount back in a discount off the next escalation 746 limited edition CD, derived from sounds created at this event.

escalation 746 is an association engaged in sonic detraining, aural ingestion, and terminal documents. They have performed over 15 years in contexts such as performance art, radio art, DJing, poetry, and music events. They have two CDs available in limited art editions.

Robin Parmar
+353 (0) 87 286 2678


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