Thursday, July 14, 2005

Weasel-Coloured Lasers

You just know you are going to love a site that explains "Vicious Lily is a robotic assassin made to advance the cause of Impressionism." This is what happens when someone who likes role-playing games actually has an imagination. They start writing wonderful nonsense like:

"They also ate the nose finches, which is why no one has special tiny finches that live in their nose. Not even rich people! Or celebrities!"


"The cool thing about using a weasel-colored laser is that weasels are highly resistant to the energetic impact. If your target is standing in front of a weasel and you want to use a red or blue laser, then you must wait until the target moves. Otherwise you might hurt the weasel. With a weasel-colored laser this is not true. You can fire straight through your target and the weasel will remain unharmed."

OK, just head off now to Hitherby Dragons (great name too). I'll be waiting right here for you to get back.


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