Sunday, May 27, 2012

Recent Compositional Work

photos from a sound walk

This article covers some recent recording and composition activities, with a diversion into working practice.

I have recently completed five new minute-long compositions, since by some coincidence two separate calls were asking for such. The most popular of these is the world-wide 60x60 project. I had a piece accepted in a previous year, and this time sent in compositions in two categories.
Sunday, May 27, 2012

Catching Up (notes on photos and backups)

red on grey horizontals

I have to apologise to those of you who follow me through this blog, since Facebook has proven a much easier way of regularly reporting on my happenings and sharing photos as they occur. I do realise that not everyone cares to join that particular social morass, though I find it has its uses. First, I have come into contact with many new creative folk (musicians, sound artists, and so on). Second, I have re-established relationships with friends from my past. And third, as mentioned, it's easy to share my newest Flickr posting or what have you.

I will continue to use this blog for more substantive posts, even if those are like the last article, a simple narrative based around some of my photographs. (But those who are interested can find my Facebook page through the link.)
Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Traditional Day at Millmount, Drogheda

While I was in Drogheda this past weekend to perform, I took the chance to have a good look around the town. The result is a rather large amount of photos, mostly of architectural details, disused buildings, and that sort of thing. But on a happier note I attended the Traditional Day at Millmount, which is a fortification on a domed hill, known locally as the cup and saucer. The site contains a museum, several craft studios, and the fort itself, open to the public.

priming The Bailey
The celebrations involved re-enactments and all sort of fun for the children, especially. Here's a short photo series based around the firing of the cannon which, thankfully for the town below, was loaded with black gunpowder and grass, but no cannonball. Still, it made an impressive sound, which was a challenge to capture without overloading the microphones on my digital recorder. Read on for photos and the sound recording. It's yours to download, and will sound better then than hearing it in streaming form.
Wednesday, May 02, 2012

"Perturbation" Available On Gruenrekorder Compilation

perturbation / metal pole / struck
Gruenrekorder is a German label that specialises in phonography, the art of field recordings. Some of their releases are (more or less) untouched documents of the sonic world around us, while others are transformed with various compositional processes. This is very much in line with my own approach, and so it was only a matter of time before we got together.

Somewhere On The Edge is a free digital download in MP3 or FLAC format. It includes no fewer than 47 artists, which will take more than a little while to listen through casually, let alone digest. Get the music in the format you wish here.