Friday, January 31, 2014

Recommended headphones for audio pros

Beyerdynamic Tesla DT 1350
It's hard to imagine I haven't written about headphones before now, but apparently it is one of my many interests that hasn't made it to the blog. It's time to rectify that omission. First I'll discuss the applications for which different headphone designs are suited, and will then make recommendations, drawn not only from my own listening experience, but industry knowledge in the main. My results accord with those of other experts, so if you are already knowledgeable on this subject don't expect many surprises. Headphone choice may be a personal matter, but it's still far easier than discussing studio monitors, microphones, or a host of other topics.

My focus here is on headphones for audio professionals [1];, and without getting too bound up in what that might mean, let me simply say that the goal is affordable quality without much compromise. We want to hear the actual sound, rather than some filtered, sugar-coated, bass-emphasised version of the audio truth. So you won't find any Beats or other rubbish [2] in my list. Neither will you find those mega-expensive audiophile models that require special amplification, cable modifications, etc. This is mostly snake oil [3]. There is simply no reason to pay sky-high amounts to get excellent sound. And the minute differences in frequency response and rendering that differentiate a €500 pair of headphones from a €2000 pair are generally swamped by other listening factors.
Wednesday, January 01, 2014

slug trails trace morninglight

green and gold (leaf and slug trails)

slug trails trace morninglight
across specular shards of granite
silverflash catches my eye from the kitchen
I stand in dressing gown
carefully wiping sharp crystals
from my eyelids
I track my tongue across the inner
surface of gritty teeth, worn enamel catching
that sticky muscle still
bitter from travels taken
through night's dark concourses

I dreamt of a long passage, worn feet,
and typewritten pages left to rot in thick, damp grass