Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Samplitude Resources


Samplitude is one of the most powerful tools for multitrack audio processing. Despite this it's difficult to find any useful information about it on the web. That's one of the reasons I'm pulling together all of the links I know into this page. It's much easier than trawling Google.

Official Sites

At the official Magix Samplitude site they are now offering version 8.2. They have a support forum but it's only for registered users of their latest product. As a user of a previous version this is closed to me, and others in my position. That sux.

They do have a newcomer forum which is mostly about comparing Samplitude to other products and other pre-sales info.

Magix has a different site for their consumer-level products. One of the hidden gems of the audio world is "MAGIX music studio 2005 deLuxe", which contains much of the power of Samplitude in a cheap product. I have seen versions for $50 on Canadian store shelves. In the UK it goes for 50 pounds sterling. There is no better deal in music recording than that! The name of this product changes all the time. But don't confuse it with "MAGIX music maker 2005 deLuxe" which is a different beast.

Still, it likely makes more sense to stick with Samplitude and get it on the rental pogramme.


There are three other forums, but none are exactly full of riveting info.

US distributor Synthax has a forum that deals mostly with their own issues.

Audioforums have a forum dedicated to Samplitude. I won't link to it directly here because such links keep going stale. Find it from their main page.

An old independent forum that never really got going.


Electronic Musician reviews from 2004 and 2002.

Sound On Sound had a look in 2003. In my opinion this is one of the best magazines out there covering the audio recording field.

Version 8 is given a cursory look at Windowatch.

Prorec had a look in 1998.

Here's one from 1999.

Sonic State reviewed Magix Music Studio 7.0



robin said...

There is another great source for info. Just point your newsread (NNTP) to server "news.nv.net" and subscribe to forum "samp-seq".

Anonymous said...

Nice idea and good start. BTW, EQ Magazine posted a review of Samplitude 8.0 in their August edition:




robin said...

Thanks Malcolm: an interesting article with a perspective different from most. Certainly the combo of RME hardware + Samplitude is difficult to beat!

robin said...

Here's another review, lifted from some magazine I can't identify.


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