Monday, August 31, 2009

Premiere -- The Garden Of Adumbrations

the garden of adumbrations
I've been studying electroacoustic composition for the past year. This Wednesday 2 September at 7pm, my fellow students and I will be premiering our Masters pieces. If you are interested in sampling today's newest and brightest composers, drop by the Performing Arts Centre (PAC), Lower Ground Floor, Foundation Building, University of Limerick.

Prior to the concert, at 6pm in the CSIS Building, there will be a reception kicking off DAWN, a week-long display of student work from both the CCMCM and the Interactive Design Centre. There will be lots of demos and displays on hand; whether you're a tech geek or an artist you'll find something cool here!
Saturday, August 22, 2009

Tourism As Time Travel

tourist project: the falls   #8989People gather at places where people gather. If it is a definitive place remarked upon in guidebooks and tourist literature, then they will gather to take photographs. This is the second in my series documenting the behaviour of tourists, of which I am sometimes one. I find the relationship of the bodies to each other and to the subject of their attention to be fascinating.
Friday, August 07, 2009

Not Reading Philip K. Dick

A whacked out edition of a pulp sci-fi book by loser and insane person Philip K. Dick -- if you believe what you read on Bookslut.Dear Bookslut, my newest and bestest friend:

I can see why you do not allow comments on your site. You'd be deluged with intelligent posts refuting the drivel of writers such as Lorette C. Luzajic.

In "Speed Reading: The 44 Novels of Philip K. Dick" she does a hatchet job on a significant American writer, presenting him as the worst sort of madman lunatic fringe weirdo. I never met him, but having read some of the biographical information (readily available for anyone hoping to write about him) I drew a very different picture. Certainly I would not be so hung up on exactly where and when he was sane/insane, as though a complex and deeply experienced life can be measured by such dichotomies.
Friday, August 07, 2009

Rant For The Abolition Of Feature-itis In Digital Cameras

fire escape alleyEvery photography firm is trying to make a camera with four thousand features plus video plus GPS plus home shopping network built in. I'm tired of it and want things to go back to basics. Though not the old basics, a new "basics" that includes all the development digital photography has seen in the last decade. (Baby, meet bathwater.)

This article is spurred on by the fact that everyone is so happy with the Pentax K-7. And yes, it's a very nice camera, likely the best Pentax has made. But it's the wrong camera, and here's why. Pentax, treat this like an open letter sent like a bolt into your heart. A bolt tipped with acid, but with a cherry on top.