Sunday, July 17, 2005

Time To Wake Up

Do you have difficulty getting out of bed in the morning? I know I do, which is why I get out of bed in the afternoon. But another solution is to get a better alarm clock. Here I present links to five of the craziest alarm clocks you are ever likely to see.

How about one which rolls off the bedside table and runs away to hide somewhere in the room? That's Clocky. It was "designed to reinterpret the common alarm clock into something that is not stressful and obnoxious but playful, meaningful, and a better fit between humans and technology." Cool!

Certainly not kosher, the Wake'n'Bake slow cooks bacon for twenty minutes, to give you that lovely burnt pork smell first thing in the morning. I sure hope there's an automatic off-switch or I can imagine heavy sleepers waking to a house on fire.

For the ultimate in frustration, the puzzle clock requires you to solve a simple four-piece jigsaw before the alarm will turn off. I imagine it gives new meaning to the phrase "I could solve that one in my sleep."

The Zen alarm clock has a chime like a Tibetan bell that slowly decreases in interval. A shame the designers have no sense of aaesthetics (Zen or otherwise). This thing is butt-ugly. And here's the kicker, "All Now & Zen products are designed in Boulder, Colorado, and made in Shen Zhen, China." That's right, the country which invaded and slaughtered Tibetan people now gets to make money off tacky items exploiting their way of spirit.

Inventors must have a hard time waking up, because here's another alarm clock, this time one which elevates further and further out of your reach towards the ceiling. Certainly a design which, er, reaches new heights.

[cough] [cough]


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