Saturday, July 16, 2005

New Sidebar Links

As you can see, I have recently added a set of links to the sidebar to the right. Any time I find a significant link I'll write an article on it, but sometimes when I find a good general link I'll just stick it over there. These are reference sites or those that have new content periodically, so if you like them you will want to visit them time and time again.

The music links are pop-oriented and have a more left-field approach, except I suppose for All Music, which is just a good reference guide. Their reviews are decent and at least provide an orientation to an artist. But for far more stimulating journalism go somewhere like the ratio which had, for example, this cool discussion of the last Interpol album.

The blog info section include indexes that I have registered with. If you want to search for bogs or check out what is popular at the moment, these are good places to start.


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