Monday, April 24, 2006


double life
Do you ever get a strange disembodied feeling, as though you were looking down upon yourself from outside your body, from outside the world, from outside history? Do you ever feel that your lives and those of the people around you are entwined on some metaphysical level? Do you ever get a strange yearning for some other life, never quite seen, always just out of reach?

A second person asks: Do you have any interest in seeing one of the most beautifully poetic and enigmatic experiences in film? A film that could be only film, that could not have been created in any other medium. A film that may change the way you look at the world around you?

If so, today is your lucky day. Because on 24 April 2006 La Double vie de Véronique (in Polish: Podwójne zycie Weroniki) is finally issued on DVD. All of you who loved the stunning Trois couleurs films now have a fourth colour in which to revel.

I will not tell you anything about the plot here. Don't go anywhere else to read about it either, just let it unfold before you. There is no puzzle to it, though all is mystery. There is no resolution, because we are not in control of resolution, and when resolution comes we will no longer care.

life doubled
This English release on DVD follows the French MK2 pressing (being also PAL format and Region 2 encoded). It has two discs, the second of which contains three documentaries totalling 100 minutes plus three Kieslowski shorts ("Factory", "Hospital", "Railway Station") at over 50 minutes and even a short film by Kazimierz Karabusz, one of Kieslowski's film teachers. This is excellent value and I for one cannot wait to see such rich "extras".

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If you do not have a PAL-compatible playback system, this might be a good time to buy one! I'll have a couple more articles in the near future to encourage you further.


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