Saturday, April 01, 2006

New Python Logo Revealed

A new Python logo (pictured at left) has been approved by the PSF, following the heated debate that broke out on comp.lang.python after the new Python home page design was revealed. Many people disliked the interim logo, claiming it looked like two copulating tadpoles, not at all the sort of image a programming language named after a comedy troupe should promulgate.

A spokesperson for the PSF said "We realise our mistake in attempting a design that might be symbolic, subtle, or otherwise obscure. We want instead to present a direct image of the Python language, something which people can identify with. Python is for everybody and the logo should be too."

So apparently they've gone back to a snake, something immediately recognisable, and included a second image to play off the catch-phrase "batteries included".

"We did not feel that the logo needed any text, as it's obvious that what we have here is a Python. All of us know that this represents the Python language. Those who don't will either soon find out or make their way to Ruby or some other non-snake language."

I wondered if it was not significant that the shape formed by the intersection of the snake head and battery was a distinct cross. But when asked the spokesperson replied "There's really nothing I can say about that. Are you a member of the PSF? No? Sorry, I can't talk to you any further about our inner rites. No comment."


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