Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Three Ways To Show You Care

Like one of my reviews? Found a cool new band or a favourite film thanks to one of my recommendations? Saved yourself some time after implementing one of my programming tricks? Please show you care about the Theatre of Noise by donating to PayPal, purchasing from Amazon through one of my links, adding a link to your site, or mentioning me on a newsgroup or forum.

Donate to PayPal

I am looking into ways of generating income. I'm not a fan of advertising, instead prefering methods that rely on the goodwill of my readers. I also don't want any heavy-handed system that gets in the way of the aesthetics of a page. With these criteria in mind I have decided on two initial ventures.

The first is the PayPal donation button in the sidebar. Now you can quickly, easily and securely show your appreciation with cold hard cash! Not that I expect to make much money from a venture such as this. I've written the last 130 articles out of personal interest; I imagine I'll write the next 130 for the same reason. But if I can find some means of compensation for the time spent, I'll be able to give priority to The Theatre of Noise over other competing priorities.

Make Your Purchases Via My Amazon Links

I have started linking to Amazon as an affiliate. If you live in a large city in North America you might have good retail choices. But if you live in Europe or a rural area you are likely relying upon Amazon for timely deliveries of books, DVDs, CDs... most everything. They almost always have a discounted price that is better than other reputable sellers. Ordering from them is without hassle and delivery is so quick it makes my head spin. (I received my last order of three books within five days from England to Ireland... and those days included a weekend.)

When you see an Amazon link in my articles, it will take you directly to a title I am specifically recommending. Every purchase you make will then earn me a trickle of income. It's important to note that every purchase you make in that session does the same, not just the purchase of the recommendation.

If you want to be particularly friendly, think "Theatre of Noise" each time you plan to make an Amazon purchase. Click on the Amazon buttons in the sidebar and make your order as you normally would, but with the extra warm glow that comes from helping me to my first small royalty cheque.

Link To Me

A third way you can support The Theatre of Noise is to link to this site from yours, thus spreading the word that I have something special on offer here. You can also mention me on a newsgroup or forum, when appropriate. No spamming please!

If you can't do any of the above I nonetheless hope you continue to enjoy the site. I hope to introduce further incentives once I've got my head around the current changes.


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In that case I guess you wouldn't mind if I put you as one of my links on my website...under (lenghtly) construction.

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