Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Matt West has noticed that in rare cases the display of an an iPod, showing as it does three lines in the form song title / artist / album title, will spew out some poetic combinations. He challenges readers to come up with examples. Below I have not one or two but eighteen such. I also claim the three million bonus points for the haiku form I have posted to his article.

Provide your own punctuation to make sense of the following:

drifting / breathless / blue moon

new age / chrome / red exposure

smoke / can / flow motion

city in progress / broadcast / the noise made by people

dreams never end / new order / movement

careful / television / adventure

crawl away / lambchop / thriller

get out of that rain / he said / take care

sly / massive attack / protection

looks that kill / thomas leer / contradictions

love is all / the rapture / echoes

hybrid / siouxsie and the banshees / kaleidoscope

three nicotine cigarettes / static / flavour has no name

funny funny me / altered images / pinky blue

filled / area / between purple and pink

it's better this way / the associates / sulk

jealous / algebra suicide / swoon

tv / wire / behind the curtain


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Anonymous said...

filled/area/between purple and pink
are my favorites
hope you are keeping well
come visit canada this weekend in cecil st.

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