Saturday, March 11, 2006

Latest Updates

I have caught up on my category pages, which in the recent flurry of writing had lagged 17 articles behind the times. Busy, aren't I? Read on for more news about site updates and articles I have in the pipeline.

My Bloglet subscription service was broken but that is now fixed. I have changed the way this works. Before it was sending out every new article in its entirety, but in doing so it scrunched the contents into an unreadable mess. Now it simply send a link to the site. Why can't it send a link to the specific page? Really, using RSS is miles better.

I still haven't written that Urban Verbs article I promised, but have instead talked about Wire and blessed you with a very detailed look at Software For Music Production. Part two of this is nearing completion. As a break from research I have two frivolous articles in store. I trust you will find them entertaining beyond your wildest dreams.

The extensive series on Python Web Application Frameworks is done, but I will soon append a list of further resources. It may have been a bit hasty of me to subtitle the final installment "In Which It All Ends Happily". Comments by Django proponents are resulting in some lively debate. This is all for the better. I welcome further critiques and comments.

I do hope to back off a bit and concentrate on other areas of my life besides the blog. You might encourage me to do otherwise by donating to my Paypal account. I will soon add a link to this in my sidebar; expect an article explaining my rationale soon.


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