Tuesday, March 28, 2006

diagrammes modernes

There is a wonderful French idiomatic expression one can use when the conversation has drifted away from the original topic and you wish to get back to the main point. "Revenons à nos moutons" translates as "let us return to our sheep." And why am I telling you this now?

Simply because I have decided to launch a new blog for all of my programming and web design articles. diagrammes modernes is now available for your enjoyment.

You'll have to take a look to see why sheep and why in French.

I have copied the appropriate articles to that location. These have been updated so that internal links and so on are correct. The next step is to replace the articles here with redirection links to diagrammes modernes. It's all tedious work but I hope it will prove useful moving into the future.


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robin said...

Heck no, forget it, that blog is defunct and all the articles have been moved back into this one. Just check out the /dev category.

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