Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Fork Or Spoon?

I'm past my first popularity landmark, having achieved 1000 page impressions a week. I realise that's peanuts for a website, but it's not bad for a blog as peculiar as this one. Where to go from here? Well, I'd like your help on that.

The first thing that strikes me is that this blog is far too motley for some. It covers all sorts of areas of personal interest; these are unlikely to be shared in the same way with too many readers. The best way around this problem is to divide the site into three different blogs.

I propose that the theatre of noise stay here covering my personal activities as a sound artist and poet, with announcements of particular interest to those in the Irish arts community. This would also include those odd miscellaneous things I find along the way.

A second blog would cover Python, Javascript, blog hacking, and other programming concerns.

A third would focus on audio production and music.

This approach would be more administration for me, but would have certain advantages. A feed subscriber would know what they were getting. Aggregators would like me since I would fit into their profile easier. I could theme the sites visually to be more appropriate to the subject matter.

But I want to leave this up to you. What do you think? Should I fork this site?


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robin said...

Nope. Fork has been undone. It's now spoon all the way, baby.

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