Wednesday, May 10, 2023

Panasonic Lumix S: camera models and video mode comparison

Since 2019 Panasonic have released seven models in their Lumix S camera line. Read on for a handy comparison of features and video modes. You can find exhaustive feature lists on other sites, including Panasonic's own pages. Here I provide a compact overview of key differences between the models (PDF file). I trust this makes your decisions easier!

All models have a full-frame (that is, 35mm) sensor, use the Leica L mount, and have excellent IBIS (stabilisation). All except the S-9 are weather-sealed and store to dual memory cards. The S1 cameras are larger and possess a better viewfinder. The S5 line is smaller but has recently leap-frogged the S1 feature set in several ways.

The second resource compares the best video modes across the models (PDF file). I have not added the S-9 since it's similar enough to the S-5M2.

All of the models (again, except S-9) can be upgraded to write RAW files out through the HDMI. You can target the ATOMOS Ninja V/V+ recorder for ProRes or the Blackmagic Video Assist 12G for BRAW. This makes the Lumix S product line viable as cinema cameras. I consider it noteworthy that Panasonic has not ignored older models with this feature. 

The Lumix S5M2X (AKA the S5 Mark II X) can also write to an SSD drive using the USB port. This is a unique feature of that model. 

If you want extremes of resolution or frame rate, this line of cameras may not suit you. But if you think that 4K is already a lot of pixels, then Panasonic provide excellent value for money. 

I am going to spend a bit more time on the stills side of the S5 before I venture out to shoot video. But you will see footage from me eventually!

Updated 24 May 2024 for the S-9. Added dual SD and mass columns. Fixed one error.



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