Thursday, May 11, 2006

Sound Creation On LINUX

Are you trying to produce music on LINUX? Though personally I stick with win32, I thought I'd share some primary resources in the spirit of supporting open source initiatives.

The first thing you need to know is that LINUX is not an operating system, it is merely an OS kernel. You need lots of other components in order to have LINUX work on your computer, and these are provided in various distributions. Some distributions have been optimised out of the box for audio; for others there are software collections available. Getting up and running is then a two-step process: first, install your distribution; next, install the application suite. This is certainly simpler than trying to get all of the various packages working happily yourself.

Here are three popular choices:

Planet Karma is an audio suite for Fedora Core or RedHat 9.

Ubuntu Studio is an audio suite for the Ubuntu LINUX distribution.

AGNULA is an audio suite for the Debian LINUX distribution.

For further information you may wish to start at LINUX Sound, an extensive list of sites. is an organisation to assist and promote the development of software for that OS.


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