Friday, May 05, 2006

Life During Wartime

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A group of artists from the Limerick School Of Art & Design (LSAD) have gathered like-minded people together into the exhibition Life During Wartime. They have repurposed an empty nightclub at Baker Place into a space part gallery, part club, and part abandoned war zone.

The opening last night, 4 May 2006, saw sound artists Danny McCarthy and Mick O'Shea creating a shifting din in an alcove at the back, while a flux of interested parties examined the visual art strewn about the walls, floors and disused washrooms. Later the offensive DJs opened up with a set strongly oriented to the motorik rhythms of krautrock and early Talking Heads. A supposed appearance by Twenty Two never materialised (unless it was after I left) but there were surprise performances or things that could have been performances.

The exhibit is running for two weeks only. It is open every afternoon until May 18. Access is rather peculiar. Go in through the Wicked Chicken Bar, on Tait Square, Limerick. Head down the back stairs to the toilets. Opposite the Men's is a door and through there is the Wartime space. Take a wrong turn and you may end up in another zone entirely, which only adds to the charm.

This Saturday is a concert headlined by Finland's Circle, who have been making varieties of space and drone rock since 1991. This is part of an Irish tour. Here's another site with older info.

This concert also features Dublin's collective United Bible Studies plus a whole slew of near-local groups: Boxes, Sea Dog, Not Abel and Eczema The Teen Flake. It's 8 euros.

For more information on Life During Wartime, go to the exhibit website, but be aware it is a Flash-only affair with broken functionality.

Makes sense really.


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