Tuesday, May 16, 2006

MentalWealth Updated Yet Again

Here I am another week older with yet another update to my MoinMoin theme MentalWealth. Version 0.95 adds some custom icons and allows additional actions to be displayed in the sidebar. Will the features never end?

A helpful user alerted me to the fact that additional actions were not accessible from my theme, since I had done away with the nasty-looking pull-down menu. Not wanting to throw that particular baby out with the bath-water, I have implemented an additional panel, "More Actions", but also added an easy switch in the code so you can turn it off.

In some ways MoinMoin is not very easy to customise, unless one starts hacking code. Today I came across a situation where I wanted to add some icons that could be easily accessed throughout a wiki. It seems that the smilie protocol* would be the neatest way to go. But, although each theme carries with it a repository of icons, there is no way to customise the smilies that will display, beyond replacing existing files.

A small code hack was required, as discussed in the readme file. Now you have access to a nice set of bug tracking icons:

bug icons

To display these on a page, you simply type the following smilies: |b |a |r |g and |z, remembering that they must be surrounded by whitespace. These correspond to the icons for black, amber, red, grey and zap. What you use them for is up to you.

As usual, MentalWealth is available at the MoinMoin ThemeMarket and for convenience also here.

* The Smilie Protocol sounds like a new spy flick, no?


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Anonymous said...

I set MentalWealth as the default theme for our internal Wiki. I use Firefox, and it looks good & works fine. Users of IE (6.0) are reporting blank text areas (or blank sections in pages) which show bits of the text as you wipe the mouse over them.

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