Wednesday, May 03, 2006


This is a short article to keep you up-to-date with some of the changes happening around here. The most significant of these I discussed in the article Three Ways To Show You Care. Besides trying out some revenue ideas I've increased the sidebar width, tweaked the page banner and adjusted some of the layers and graphics to fit.

You may have noticed that for a while the category pages were stale. I recently updated them to include the last 17 articles... and by the time I did that I had five more...and then several more.

I have spun out the music reviews into their own category, since they have proven popular and I am likely to do more. Send me your encouragement and feedback, corrections and complaints, so I know what you like!

I have removed the Bloglet subscription service since I really dislike how the emails get formatted. Use RSS instead. Anyone currently subscribed will stay subscribed but I recommend you switch to a syndication feed.

If you want to learn about RSS, try parts one and two of my beginner articles.

Behind the scenes I've integrated three javascript files into one. The fewer the hits on a web server, the faster a page can load. Though it is logical and convenient to keep different functionality in different files, it is not wise in terms of performance.

With these modifications I am up to version 25 of my Blogger stylesheet. Further changes are in the cards, but I have learned from many years of development experience to do things in incremental stages.

So here am I: incrementing


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