Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Solar Systems: A Music Compilation

I recently had a conversation about the outermost planet of our solar system with a friend of mine, who happens to be a girl just turned eleven. We were also recently looking up at the stars and trying to identify constellations, getting only about as far as The Big Dipper, Orion, and The Shopping Trolley. So for her birthday I thought it appropriate to compile a CD entitled Solar Systems. Here I'll share the track listing and premiere a brand new recording by escalation 372.

Only one planet is missing from the compilation, Uranus, because the Hendrix tune sucks and I don't have Klaatu's "Anus of Uranus" closer than a vinyl record kept on the other side of the Atlantic.

Of course the other planet I had a difficult time representing was 2003 UB313, not only because it was unknown until a couple of years ago, but also because with a name like that it's not going to attract too many songwriters. (They may be happier with its nickname, "Xena".)

Being an odd sort of composer, I find the designation quite evocative, and thought I'd be the first to write a tune for this trans-Neptunian object.

01 The Beatles: Here Comes The Sun
02 Red Hot Chili Peppers: On Mercury
03 Bananarama: Venus
04 Duran Duran: Planet Earth [Night Version]
05 XTC: Another Satellite
06 The Police: Walking On The Moon
07 David Bowie: Life On Mars
08 The Cure: Jupiter Crash
09 Barry Adamson: Saturn In The Summertime
10 The Shamen: Neptune
11 Andheri: Pluto
12 The Only Ones: Another Girl, Another Planet
13 The B-52's: Planet Claire
14 The Human League: The Black Hit of Space
15 Elysian Fields: Shooting Stars
16 Björk: Aurora
17 Wire: Comet
18 Brian Eno: Just Another Day
19 escalation 372: 2003 UB313

In case you're wondering, Andheri are from Iceland.


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Anonymous said...

There was also an awful pop song 'Sleeping Satelite' that I think went to No.1 in the charts but I can't remember who sang it, but I do remember the awful video.....I liked your composition btw

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