Thursday, February 23, 2006

FireFox & Python

According to Brendan Eich, Python is going to start making its way into FireFox for XUL scripting and as a template for new JavaScript features. This totally rocks on the one hand, since Python should be everywhere. But it doesn't matter at all on the other hand... since we're never going to get to a world where everyone runs the best available browser.

I found out about this development through Uwe's blog, which is one I read from time to time. While I'm at it, why don't I mention a few other good Python blogs?

Bob at pythonmac is a good spot if you are into Python on Mac OS X. He's got a great example of developing a toy web app in three languages: Python, PHP, and Java. The Python version is a readable 117 lines of code; the PHP implementation is larger and "one big security flaw"; the grotesque Java version is "246 lines of XML configuration sludge in 5 files, 29 lines of SQL schema in 1 file, and 3004 lines of Java code in 45 files".

A brilliant source for Python blog posts is Ryan Phillips's Unofficial Planet Python. Essential is Fredrik Lundh's and the rest of his site. The Daily Python URL is a good starting place for recent development news.

I will be writing more about Python and web frameworks soon. But I've got a chunk of research to do first.


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