Monday, February 27, 2006

A Few Things You Can Expect

This week I'm going to be posting a four article series on Python Web Application Frameworks. If you are a developer of web apps this will bring you up to speed. You can also expect further entries in my Best Software series. Yes, articles are coming thick and fast, so pay attention, subscribe via email, or use the RSS thingie.

So that I don't obsess exclusively over computer stuff I'm going to give equal opportunity to obsessing over music stuff. Next up is an article on one of the great lost American post-punk bands, Urban Verbs.

I will also endeavour to post some complete non sequiturs and keep things lively with a bit of humour. Not too much, mind you. Wouldn't want to establish a precedent.

In other site news I've just changed, ever so slightly, my page template. The copyright is updated and I have a set of new Python links in the sidebar.


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