Tuesday, November 08, 2005

World Premiere Of Tactile Surface

I will be appearing live this Friday 11 November at 8pm with John Galvin in our world premiere as Tactile Surface. We will be performing "Tectonic Plate I", an improvisation for guitar, cigarette lighter, and controlled amplification.

This is part of the first Mamuska night of the season, held for the first time at Daghdha's new headquarters, the former Church of St. John's of the Cross in St. John's Square, Limerick. A Mamuska is an unusual evening of experimentation and creativity, incorporating film, dance, performance art, theatre, music, and more. The friendly atmosphere has always brought out the best in people, both performers and audience, and this week should be no exception.

Anything can happen and probably will. Admission is free, so there is no possible excuse for your absence if you are on this continent or within light-speed transport distance.

Daghdha Dance Company is Ireland's leading contemporary dance company. Davide Terlingo is the coordinator of Mamuska. Thanks to all for their support.



robin said...

Well, the night as absolutely wonderful, with many fascinating performances, a huge audience, and much good cheer. But the performance was rather hamstrung by a technical glitch outside of our control. Still, I think John and I created some sort of impression and will be at it again. You have been warned.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like some great new music to me. Where is your take on the M-Audio MicroTrack?

robin said...

Gabriel: Check out the Audio Engineering category, which has links to my articles on the MIcroTrack.

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