Saturday, November 19, 2005

The Funniest Things You Will Ever Read (Third Sitting)

Welcome to another dozen joys from sites that contain stupid newspaper articles, bad typos, crackpot ideas, religious mania, and other silliness. There will also be a Woody Allen quotation, though why, I do not know. And yes, I still have more, so stay tuned.

"Never again will you have to choose between having sushi or having a USB memory drive." But what, no wasabi? Go!

An amusing and useful timepiece. Go!

Man whose lover got pregnant using semen obtained through oral sex can sue for emotional distress — but not theft. Go!

Sid is no longer a cookie monster? All joy is being sucked from children's entertainment. Go!

Yahoo is using us to predict the market. Think about this one carefuly and realise that someone somewhere is getting rich off us idiots. Go!

Beer and seaweed sustain missing boater. Personally I prefer saki with my seaweed, but this guy was hardly in a position to be picky. Go!

Celebrity sheep meets NZ leader. Go!

Man signaled turns during chase. Idiot. Go!

The Exorcist in 30 seconds, re-enacted by bunnies. Certainly saves time at the video store. Go!

Dog ends gunman's plan for shooting rampage. This link summarises the original at The Globe and Mail, for which you will have to pay. Go!

Them Mac users sure is smart. Go!

Technical review of juvenile felis catus. An old joke but still a good one. Go!

Not only is there no God, but try getting a plumber on weekends.
-- Woody Allen


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