Monday, November 28, 2005

MicroTrack driver released

On 21 November, version 1.2.0 of the MicroTrack driver was released. The following is an excerpt from the readme file, which indicates those changes from version 1.1.5. Sheesh, with the amount I write about it, anyone would think I actually owned one of these devices. Still, I can see from the site logs people are coming here for info, and I so hate to let you all down. :-)

New Items:
- Level meters display levels when playing back files
- Level meters operate in REC PAUSE mode for easier level setting
- Audio inputs can be heard in both REC PAUSE and REC modes (analog inputs only)

New User Interface Items:
- Reboots the unit when a CompactFlash card is inserted
- Pop-up menu appears if the user tries to power off while recording
- All input controls are active during record or record pause to allow easy real-time adjustment of levels

Other Enhancements:
- Improved performance of Input and Headphone level controls when held down
- FFWD or REW no longer cause the timer to flash the time "00:00:00" when engaged
- "Record time available" in main screen counts down from the lesser of space available, or 2GB file limit
- Remaining record time is calculated accurately when recording from S/PDIF input
- Several improvements to HOLD button functionality:
- Stops phantom power from turning on and off
- Works if booted from card reader mode
- Continues to work if file was closed because of max file size or media full

This driver is still considered beta, so it to be used at your own risk, etc. etc.

At this point there are very few improvements left to make to the unit, so I will only report on dramatic news. Auto-splitting files at the 2GB limit seems to be the most significant issue remaining.


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