Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Harry Moore's Sound-Snippets Project

Harry Moore is an artist who excels at pinhole photography and putting together sounds in ways that make the process of their construction apparent. He teaches photography in Cork. I first saw him play with Tony Langlois as Sunfish. His cute-as-heck box camera attracted my comments at another gig. My occasional presence in Cork led to him asking me to join his latest collaborative project: Sound-Snippets. The project is now bearing sonic fruit, which you can sample at SoundCloud. Here's the description in his own words.

Sound-Snippets is a project. 10 different sound practitioners provide the ingredients for a collective piece. Participants provide four separate sound ‘snippets’, each no shorter than 10 seconds and no longer than 60 seconds. Each of the practitioners assembles the parts in their own style or methodology, providing a range of different versions from the identical material, using no effect excepting the following: volume levels including fades, cross fading or multi layering, duplication. The final pieces are then assembled into a presentation, the number of tracks matching the number of protagonists (10 participants = 10 different versions, all constructed with the same ingredients).

For my contribution I decided to include every one of the source sounds. Then I devised the name as anagrams of the contributors. This was a lot of work but good fun!

I hereby present "42 Episodes in 5 Movements: 1. Solvent Addenda, 2. Henna Cadaver, 3. Brightly Jeer On Holy Joy, 4. Kindly Rearrange Polymer Rhythms, 5. Familiar Noisy Hell".


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