Thursday, April 21, 2011

RIP Tim Hetherington, Chris Hondros

Last night every photo blog I subscribe to had exactly the same news, and here I quote the British Journal of Photography: "Photojournalist Tim Hetherington and Chris Hondros have been killed in a mortar attack in Misurata, Libya, while two other photographers - Guy Martin and Michael Christopher Brown - were injured." This demonstrates the very real risk taken by such people in order to bring us information -- facts needed to make connections between events, formulate geopolitical policies and simply realise how we are all related.

Hetherington's photos had always stood out for me. He had an incredible eye for perspective, contrast, detail, colour... every technical aspect of a good photo. Not only that, he had obvious passion that went beyond the norm. His approach was a humane one that required a deep commitment and attempt at understanding apparently alien situations. And it was this insight his photos communicated to us.

This NY Times article has an excellent series of photos. But go to his own website for more, especially the series from the Indonesian tsunami.

I am less familiar with Chris Hondros, but this NY Times obit tells the story very well.

I remember with great respect these outstanding gentlemen, whose deaths will remind us keenly of all the other deaths that, without them, would have remained nameless and faceless.

Read more at the BJP.


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