Friday, April 15, 2011

Just Listen festival launch tonight

The National Sculpture Factory in Cork is launching the Just Listen festival tonight, continuing through to 30 April. Two weeks of sound artist installations, performances, sound walks, etc. will spill out into the streets of Cork and Limerick. I will be in Cork for the opening tonight (Friday) and the day-long seminar on Saturday. I will also be performing twice in the festival, about which I will write more later.

Curators Danny McCarthy and Sean Taylor have programmed international artists including Anne Bean, David Toop, Michael Prime, Eric Leonardson, Stephen Vitiello, Pauline Oliveros and John Godfrey. Venues include Beamish and Crawford on South Main Street. David Toop is performing this evening at 7pm at CIT Cork School of Music.

I have made the full programme available for download here.

This will be a splendid time! I hope to meet some new faces -- and hear many new sounds -- in the next two weeks.


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