Saturday, October 02, 2010


Bastt with shadow
Bastt is a protector figure. She stays with me and looks out for my well-being, but only so long as I don't ask any special favours. It is important to never ask, but instead simply be open. Be a good receiver. This is also true in electromagnetism and communications theory.

Of course this is not really Bastt but merely one of her totems, a replica of a larger statue in the British Museum. I can feel her tracking me always from that immense building off Russell Square. This might make some nervous but to me it is reassuring.

I broke her ear but don't remember how. Bastt sucked the memory out of my head. It's better this way.

Though I leave this totem at home she has bound one of my fingers with a silver band, a ring of the sun, so that we might never be parted.



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