Friday, May 07, 2010

Sound Installation On Catherine St.

The Catherine Street Culture Dig (CAT DIG) is a project of the SpiritStore collective, as part of ev+a 2010. The event is taking place over this weekend, 7-9 May, all along Catherine Street in Limerick. Vendors and residents co-host events including music, dance, performance art, printing, video, puppetry... pretty well anything! Grab the full programme from their website, but be prepared for the unexpected.

I am on the roster as creating "an anecdotal soundscape of Catherine Street, a process which would start with collecting sounds in situ and end with a finished composition for playback." While that may very well happen, I will also be installing a site-specific audio augmentation for a particular location on the street. You will get to hear this throughout the day Saturday (10am-5pm) all going well!

I'm heading out now to test some playback locations... I'll update this entry with more details (see the comments) when I get back.


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robin said...

Well, I am too late telling you! But I told a lot of people on the street yesterday, that my piece was playing out of Gold Mine Jewellers, as stated in the programme. This only happened on Saturday as the business is not open Sunday!

I had previously recorded sounds from the street at exactly this location. These were then played back out into the street, in their original and also highly altered forms, as an "augmentation" of what you would normally hear passing this place.

The result was subtle but I hope slightly changed people's awareness and perception of their audio environment.

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