Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I'm Out Recording... Doors

locked and boltedSound recordists, phonographers and film effects folk will be interested to follow Tim Prebble's Music of Sound blog. He's a film sound designer and "supervising sound editor" working out of Wellington, New Zealand. He's got lots of interests and ideas you'll want to keep track of. Plus a few ways of making life easier for any of us who need the right sound... now!

One of these is his latest project: a sound effects library consisting of no less than 1000 doors, all recorded in many aspects (creaks, knocks, keys, opening & closing, etc.) in high quality 24-bit 96Khz stereo. How is one person doing all this? Well, he isn't. Rather, Tim is crowd-sourcing the library by getting 100 recordists to gather ten doors each. And yes, I am one of the busy door artists!

When complete, this will be the third release in his HISSandaROAR sound library. The first two, "Vegetable Violence" and "Swish" are available now. You can buy these in three price ranges: $9, $29 or $49 gets you approximately 250, 500-1000 and 2500-3000 sounds respectively. This seems like a very reasonable way to do things.

Contributors to the Doors volume get a free copy of the finished library. So by recording the ten doors nearest to me, I'll get back 990 others from around the world. Cool!


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