Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My Work Scheduled For Dragonfly Festival, Sweden

wave, particle, falling leavesI am very pleased to announce that my piece "wave, particle, falling leaves" will be played at The Dragonfly Multi-Arts Festival at Ekehagens Forntidsby, Åsarp near Gothenburg, Sweden. This festival, organised by The Hollow Egg, will take place 20-22 August in a bronze-age settlement and open-air museum. I doubt I can afford to attend but would love to hear this four-channel composition for voice issuing from between the trees! Maybe those who attend can tell me what it was like.

According to their press release, Dragonfly will "feature music (electric and acoustic) of diverse genre, performance, DJ sets in the evening, a cinema hut, visual arts and creative activities, organic 'slow' food, among other things, set amongst the backdrop of a leafy birch forest with lake and shaded pathways." Sounds amazing!

The sound art component is being curated by Helen Marie Frosi of London's SoundFjord gallery. Works can be heard from noon to 6pm each day. Furthermore, there are plans to make available a representative compilation.

Stay tuned for further news of my involvement with SoundFjord, a very cool bunch of people!


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