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Mamuska Night Set List (20 November 2009)

Patrick Fitzgerald
Limerick hasn't seen a Mamuska Night for about a year. People miss the regular appearance of this no-holds-barred performance evening. In the past I've taken different approaches to the sound environment, depending on the night. Sometimes I've produced original music in an electro vein and other times have filled more of a conventional DJ role.

It is a tricky act since essentially I am filling in between performances that might have their own music, none of which I know beforehand. I don't want to detract from the performances or even try to compete with them. Having worked closely with Davide Terlingo, the creator of Mamuska, I understand the ethos. Too much "party music" spoils the special mood and takes it into a different orbit. The idea is not to blast dance tunes but to create a social environment in which people can mix and mingle. Curator Angie Smalis was totally in agreement with that; she gave me scope to do as I liked.

I'd played disco tunes for God's Dancehall the previous night, so that sort of thing was out of my system. And at the previous event I'd been DJing a rather odd mix of Scott Walker and Joni Mitchell. I'm also looking forward to doing a regular gig in town in an electronic/ambient vein (more on that as it develops). So I knew I wouldn't play any of those three things.

I now present, for the first time ever, a Mamuska set list. This one is close to being definitive. Except somehow I went through a night without playing any Tortoise! I didn't fit in my mashup of Kraftwerk and Kate Bush either... darn. I hewed close to a motorik groove, mixing old and new acts and a variety of traditions. Yet the Neu!, Harmonia and La Dusseldorf I had selected went unplayed.

I've left spaces in the list for where the performances were. This is more or less correct, based on the condition of my track list (and memory!) by the end of the evening. The first grouping is pre-show music, so I deliberately repeated some of these artists later on in the night.

"Zombie" >> Fela Kuti and Africa 70
"Romantika" >> Apparat Organ Quartet
"Cassettesingle" >> Fujiya & Miyagi
"Knuddelmaus" >> Ulrich Schnauss

"Transmission Begins..." >> "The Prisoner" OST
"Fingerbib" >> Aphex Twin
"Connectivity" >> Annexe

"We're Going Home" >> Clint Mansell (from OST for "Moon")
"I May Be Over There (But My Heart Is Over Here)" >> Mira Calix
"Maiysha" >> Miles Davis

"Good Day Sunshine" >> Slowdive
"Flames of Fire" >> Skakkamanage
"Beautiful Lie" >> The Durutti Column

"Radio Sheffield ID" >> David Cain (BBC Radiophonics)
"Time Center" >> Michael Moorcock's Deep Fix
"Tarfur" >> Quarashi

"Weather Shy" >> Yo La Tengo
"rossbit" >> Lowfish
"Testfeld" >> To Rococo Rot

"Radiation Ruling The Nation (Protection)" >> Massive Attack vs. Mad Professor
"Protection" >> Massive Attack
"On My Own" >> Ulrich Schnauss

"Benton Harbor Blues Again" >> The Fiery Furnaces
"Let's Get Out" >> Life Without Buildings
"Aa Dekhen Jara" >> R.D. Burman (vocals: Asha Boshle, Kishore Kumore)
"Hjartao Hamast (Bamm Bamm Bamm)" >> Sigur Rós

"Dreamy Party" >> "The Prisoner" OST
"Ankle Injuries" >> Fujiya & Miyagi
"Overcome" >> Tricky

"Big Black Eyes [Iris Mix]" >> escalation 746 vs. Leafcutter John
"Love Insane" >> Dif Juz

"Jet Stream Summer" >> Skyray
"Triode Or Muon" >> escalation 501 vs. Wire ("Outdoor Miner")

"Goldfinger" >> Magazine
"Obstacle 1" >> Interpol
"Blue" >> Bark Psychosis

"I Believe In You" >> Talk Talk

There you go. Several tracks you will hear absolutely nowhere else and many you are very unlikely to hear -- unless you find a place as cool as Daghdha Space. See you out next time I'm spinning disks. (Hard disks mostly!)


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