Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Gravity And Grace: Six Evenings of Dance

Lucy Suggate & Angie Smalis dance Nothing Fields
If you're interested in contemporary choreography, dance music, strange happenings or just having a wicked time you'll want to check out Gravity And Grace this week. These six evenings are presented by Daghdha Dance Company in their lovely restored church in John's Square, Limerick. The first night was tonight but you haven't missed anything yet, as Michael Klien's "Standing In Ink" repeats tomorrow. Check out the full schedule on their website or read on for highlights of what I am helping out with.

Though I've been working closely with Steve Valk on "God's Dancehall" (Thursday 19 November at 7:30pm) I can't tell you exactly what you are in for. And that's the joy of it! The theme has something to do with the history of dance music so, yes, there will be plenty of opportunities for you to shake your boogie. It will also feature contributions from the Daghdha Mentoring Programme artists and the Garvey Centre for adults with learning difficulties. There will be an octopus, bread, balloons, a horse, a red carpet, mustaches, bagpipes, music from India and surprises! Well, the only thing for sure is that there will be surprises.

Friday 20 November at 7:30pm sees the return of the ever-popular Mamuska Night, an open format of raw ideas and evolving works in practically any discipline imaginable, though with a strong emphasis on performance art and choreography. I will be providing the sound environment, as I did two seasons past -- a combination of original music, tracks you've never heard and some favourites. The cabaret-like atmosphere is conducive to catching up with old friends and making new ones. I'm so looking forward to seeing what curator Angie Smalis has gathered from the local artistic community.

I'll also be at a book launch Saturday and the performance later that evening.

OK, I'll be back to work now editing sound files. What a week!



vitamine a said...

Daghdha Dance Company is looking good to give great dance program of "six evenings" to enjoy.The schedule is pretty busy for them to give different dance shows.

robin said...

They can do it by having dozens of different artists working together on themed evenings. Last night there were contributions by about twenty people, all under one concept.

Each year the company prepares for Gravity & Grace for many months. I am happy to be involved and add my bit.

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