Saturday, November 21, 2009

Book Launch at Daghdha Space

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As a supplement to Gravity And Grace: Six Evenings of Dance, there is a "celebration and christening" of the two Daghdha books: Book of Recommendations and Choreography as an Aesthetics of Change. Join us this evening (Saturday 21 November) at 6.30pm in Daghdha Space, John’s Square, Limerick.

The former book is a concise manifesto, written by Michael Klien, Steve Valk and Jeffrey Gormly to describe the underlying ideas of the Framemakers Series of symposia and other events in the Daghdha constellation. The latter is an anthology, edited by Gormly, of 31 essays by a wide variety of thinkers and practitioners. Choreography is a core concept, but only as a jumping off point for discussions of ecology, communications, film, social networks, activism and much more. It's an excellent volume -- and not only because I have a paper included!

"Complementarity: An Archipelago" is a dense dance of ideas which finds connections between quantum theory, object-oriented programming, childrens' games, post-punk music, cybernetics and designer chairs. It ties the personal to the universal using a method I hope to develop further. And all this in seven pages!

Here follows the official press release for tonight.

"Dear friends,
Four years ago we started a process of thinking together about what dance and choreography might mean to the world at large with the Framemakers Public Thinktank."

"We invite you to an informal celebration and christening of our two Framemakers publications – Choreography as an Aesthetics of Change & Book of Recommendations. Whether you were a Framemaker coffee drinker or a future reader, a volunteer doer or attended an event, signed up for the week-long symposium or contributed to our publications, we would love to see you in DaghdhaSpace."


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