Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Sensor Board Update: Eowave and Doepfer

segnoI have advance information on the Eobody 2 that is contrary to my earlier expectations. The device has been made into a standard box form factor with no MIDI controls. It accepts 8 inputs on 1/4" TRS and outputs MIDI on USB. It is USB powered but has a power adaptor jack for when you might need more current.

If you require more inputs you simply connect more Eobody units to your computer... there is no practical limit. The literature states 12-bit resolution which must be for the inputs and internal processing, since MIDI is a 7-bit format. Mac and win32 software allows you to edit the control parameters depending on the sensors you connect.

Eowave have decided to forsake the earlier unit's individuality for a simple plug'n'play solution. But the price is a lot lower than expected: €200 plus VAT. This unit is no longer in the "expensive but worth it" category but should rather be compared to the Doepfer Pocket Electronic.

The PE is €150 cheaper and has 16 inputs. It has MIDI in and out which is handy for controlling non-computer audio gear. The Eobody 2 has a case, standard TRS inputs (less wiring) and a USB out -- meaning you don't need a MIDI interface on your computer.

And speaking of Doepfer, they have a new board imminently available, the USB64 which, true to its name, has a massive 64 inputs and adds a USB port to the I/O. It'll be about 60 x 55 x 30mm in size and will sell for a very reasonable €125.

Which you choose depends on your application.


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