Friday, September 28, 2007

Blog Action Day and Some Random Links

October 15th is Blog Action Day, an arbitrary date on the calendar when over five thousand blogs will post on one topic: the environment. I've signed up for this initiative.

Now someone please remind me so I do not forget!

Meanwhile, you may want to read about Teochew Preserved Crab, a dish made by drowning live female crabs in soya sauce, letting them sit for several days and then bathing them in liquefied red roe.

Sounds like the sort of thing a touring rock band might be interested in. If so, you might find it mentioned in their "rider", a contract that stipulates all the stuff they want to be provided with. Chances are you have never read anything as funny as the one provided by Iggy Pop. Spinal Tap's got nothing on this!

If you need to mic yourself up, on stage or off, this guy has a purportedly great-sounding mic preamp that costs only 100 bucks. Catch? You have to build it yourself.

If your audio tendencies run in the direction of scaring customs officials or gallery patrons, you may favour the Suspicious Looking Device, a reactive instrument designed to "appear as suspicious as possible".

If reading is more your thing, you might love curling up in a nice library or searching out a bargain in a back-street book shop. One of the sensory joys of this experience is the distinctive aroma of aging paper. Well, now electronic books can have that musty smell too!

It's a swirl of fantasies and fears, of silly haircuts and ill-chosen snare sounds, of razor guitar and delicious sing-a-long melodies, yes, its Scars first and only album, Author! Author! And it's available to you finally on CD, with a whole slew of bonus tracks previously only available to those, like me, who searched out their each and every single. Actually their very first effort, the delightful "adult/ery" / "Horror Show", is missing, but you can find that elsewhere.

Fans of Gang of Four, Skids, Fire Engines or any of these new young bands that think they know what they're doing (Franz Ferdinand I'm looking at you!) had better run, not walk, to their local retailer to grab this.

Or, if you have no such joyous option, help me out by clicking on the following to patronise Amazon. (Personal takings to date: zero. I guess I'm just not appreciated. Boo hoo.)

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