Thursday, September 14, 2006

USB Twig Storage And Other Design Delights

USB twig
Want to hide away from the world for a few hours? Oooms has what you need, a cardboard box specially designed as a refuge, named City Hideout. I wouldn't normally link to a site that's just a Flash presentation, but this designer has some cool stuff going on.

I particularly like the Rebellious Cabinet, which refuses to have all of its doors closed at once, the Wireframe Chair, which is an implementation of the model of the chair, hats made of human hair and USB sticks that look like twigs. This last item is available for ordering, but most are designer one-offs.

Speaking of USB keys or memory sticks or whatever you want to call them, does anyone have any peculiar designs they can share? I'm not talking about any of the following, too normal ideas:

Nope, I'm looking for illuminating rubber ducky drives, cute plush animals or sushi.

Those I like.



robin said...

OK, this has been done before, over at fosfor gadgets, though they don't have links to original manufacturers.

robin said...

I've tracked the USB barbie back to this post at B3ta. Have fun -- make your own USB storage device! The challenge is open.

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