Monday, September 04, 2006

Engaging Baudrillard

This is a late reminder of the fact I am delivering a paper, tomorrow, at the Engaging Baudrillard conference in Swansea, Wales. This conference has a stellar list of guests, including Mike Gane and Douglas Kellner. Baudrillard himself was unfortunately too ill to attend.

If you happen to be in Swansea you may be able to get a pass to a session. Tuesday at 2:30pm I will be in the Faraday Building, Room J, which is immediately to the left once inside the main entrance. My paper, entitled "Time And Reality Die In Spectacle: Doctor Who As The Perfect Crime", will be accompanied, in proper multimedia fashion, with an illustrative custom DVD. Unlike a more traditional media studies approach, based on a hierarchy of commentary and source, my work treats the programme, Baudillard's theory and contemporary cosmology as narratives on a level playing field.

It is not coincidental that BBC Wales is producing Dr. Who. Indeed the TARDIS was spotted on Swansea University campus only last week. Find out more on this intriguing page of Wales/Who connections.


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