Tuesday, June 20, 2023

L-mount lens system (summary table)

The L-Mount Alliance was formed by Panasonic, Leica, and Sigma in September 2018 to create a new standard for mirrorless cameras. To date no fewer than 125 lenses have been released for this platform. To save you repeating many hours of research, I now share my complete list of L-mount lenses for full-frame. (Lenses for crop sensor are not included.)

Grab my spreadsheet and start planning your lens bag!

To date Panasonic has released six primes with identical length (82mm) and filter size (67mm), optimised for video use. The lenses are lightweight (295 to 355g) and weather-sealed. Panasonic also provide one Lumix S Pro prime.

Sigma provide lenses in two main series. The Contemporary primes have been optimised for mirrorless cameras, with old school touches like metal bodies and aperture rings. These are also called the "I-series", though this designation appears only on their marketing sheets. These are smaller (45 to 75mm) and sometimes even lighter (215 to 405g) than the Panasonic models. Maximum apertures are no faster than f/2.

By contrast the eight primes in the Sigma Art line are no-compromise fast optics (f/1.4 is the norm) that are generally huge and heavy.

Note that only lenses designated DG (full-frame cover) and DN (digital native) are included here. Sigma continue to market certain older L-mount lenses that are not optimised for mirrorless cameras, though these have effectively been superseded.

Leica have numerous models that are larger than the Panasonic offerings and much more expensive.

All of the above are auto-focus lenses, but several Chinese manufacturers have also entered into L-mount with old style manual lenses with aperture rings. Some of these have gears and de-clicked apertures, optimised for cinema use. These include Laowa by Venus Optics, TTArtisan, 7Artisans and Iberit by Kipon.

I've provided indicative prices in Euros. Naturally prices will vary, especially as vendors offer cash-back deals and other incentives.

latest update: 8 April 2024



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