Friday, May 17, 2013

Raggle Taggle exhibition and music extravaganza

Five bands are to play at Raggle Taggle in downtown Limerick, tomorrow, Saturday 18 May 2013. This is the final event before this arts and culture space closes. Entry is a mere five Euro at the door. We open early and will start the music soon after 8pm.

Innercity from Belgium and Modulator ESP from the UK are on tour, supported by three brand new acts, each of which includes some of your favourite local Irish performers. Projections and video work plus visual art complete this evening of deep listening and fun experimental vibes.

Innercity is the prolific synth-based project of Belgian Hans Dens, joined on this tour by guitarist Bart Sloow from Sylvester Anfang II. Though associated with the ambient synth underground, Dens eschews the prevailing escapist vibes of that scene in favour of a more visceral, rough-hewn, and disorientating sound world, characterised by sleep-deprived hysteria and bad-trip paranoia.

Modulator ESP is Nottingham resident Jez Creek's vehicle for improvised electronica. While most obviously indebted to Kosmische pioneers Tangerine Dream and Klaus Schulze, Creek’s long-form, mercurial, and intensely psychedelic explorations veer unpredictably between noise, drone, and new age.

Divil A' Bit is a new collaboration. David Colohan is the prolific founding member of United Bible Studies, Agitated Radio Pilot, and Raising Holy Sparks. Natalia Beylis is known for channelling the mysteries of Co. Leitrim as one-third of Woven Skull. Tumbleweeds blow through abandoned churches and across haunted landscapes.

The Infinite Viola Project is the work of composer, improviser, and poet Robin Parmar. Imagine an electric viola through fifty effects pedals. The result is a shifting tableau of drone and noise that is both richly harmonic and full of unexpected inflections, like three horror soundtracks playing at once.

Human Zoo pairs two Limerick favourites, Ray Murphy and Steve Ryan. Ray is one of Ireland's most talented drummers, known for his work with Iron Mountain and Ivan St. John. Steve leads the band Windings, recording for Out On A Limb records. Together they are improvising up a special kind of storm as Human Zoo.

Don't miss this very special musical experience! There will be no second chance.

Raggle Taggle is located at the corner of Henry and Sarsfield streets. The organisers are Damien Mullane and Robin Parmar (music/video) plus Alan Crowley (art/video).

For further information, videos of each artist, and a map, please visit our website.


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