Saturday, December 22, 2012

Farpoint Recordings releases Sonic Abyss

As the year comes to a close it seems there are still activities in my wonderful world of sound to report on. Here I'd like to mention that Farpoint Recordings has just now released recordings of the Sonic Abyss sessions from the Drogheda Arts Festival. As I previously reported, this took place on Saturday, 5 May, at the Barbican Centre.

Farpoint release recordings on various media and this time have opted for a free digital release through their website. You can download MP3 or uncompressed WAV. The first track includes Anthony Kelly, Harry Moore, Jesse Ronneau, and David Stalling. The second adds John Daly and myself.

While at Farpoint, check out their eclectic mix of offerings. One or two of these might make yourself a nice thoughtful post-Christmas present.


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