Wednesday, December 19, 2012

"Caged Birds" in NYC Tomorrow

We're coming to the end of 2012, the centenary of John Cage's birth, and to the final events of this very busy season. If you are in New York City, I invite you to White Box for winter solstice. From 20-23 December, Ear to the Earth presents 100x John: A Global Salute to John Cage in Sound and Image. There are performances, playbacks of soundscapes from around the world, and a chance to meet Phill Niblock.

I am proud to say that my piece, "Caged Birds (Augmentation)" is included in "Cagean Mix #1", which you can hear tomorrow evening (Thursday) from 7-10. It is also available to hear in its entirety on the project page (track 39). Details on the event itself, including the gallery location, can be found at the White Box site.

Here is my description:

"This piece derives from a single recording of the dawn chorus in my back garden. Various transformations, subtle and otherwise, have been made to the birdsong. The title is a play on John Cage, but also a reminder that a recording is a sound that is no longer at liberty."

Thanks to the organisers at Ear to the Earth for this fascinating project. Not for the first time, I wish I was in New York! It would be great to hear the sounds recontextualised in a new space.


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